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9 x 6, paper - 208 pp.
ISBN 978-935254-45-4

"The great value that The Call of the Land offers is the encouragement that comes from seeing what so many others are doing to revitalize America's agrarian roots and branches...Steven McFadden has pointed the reader to hundreds of grassroots efforts to join, emulate or use as inspiration to plant our own gardens in whatever form makes the best sense for each of us.  A hopeful work!"

------Deborah Madison, author of Local Flavors, Cooking and Eating from America's Farmers Markets, and Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

"McFadden's call to action is clearly written and well referenced with a robust list of current websites and a bibliography for general reading on positive methods for resolving our food security challenge.  Anyone interested in a good contemporary overview of challenges and solutions will find the book valuable."

-----Charles Francis, Director, Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

http://royal99.online/ . domino qq . kemudahan bermain di agen judi online Asia303 "...Readers new to this movement sometimes struggle to identify a primer that is accessible and grounded in real-world examples.  The Call of the Land lends itself as a tool for such readers, as it not only illustrates a foundational agrarian ethos historically argued by Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson, but it also outlines a variety of practical models and approaches to inform the practice of local food system development."

-----Kim L. Niewolny and Nancy K. Franz, Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development

"This book is just terrific...McFadden is dealing with sacred science, the sort of wisdom we require for our survival."

-----Larry Dossey, M.D. author of Healing Words and The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

Available Now

9 x 6, paper - 208 pp.
ISBN 978-935254-45-4



nd edition
America's Growing Agrarian Movement


Chapter 1: Listening to the Call
What do careful listeners hear as they engage the call of the land? This chapter recounts the observations of people who are knowledgeable about the state of our land, farms, food, and culture.

Chapter 2: Agrarian Ethos
Radical changes in our economy, environment, energy supply, and food chain make this a crucial time to rethink the way we live with and on the land. This chapter offers provocative ethical statements to clarify thought and stimulate debate.

Chapter 3: Citizen Responses
This chapter explores workable agrarian visions and practices for individuals, households, and neighborhoods.
     Animal Husbandry
     Urban Homesteading®
     Cold Weather

Chapter 4: Community Responses
This chapter surveys dozens of community initiatives that can be replicated by urban, suburban, and rural citizens.
     Local Focus
     Urban Agrarians
     Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
     CSA Kitchens
     Community Kitchens
     Community Supported Fisheries (CSF)
     Securing Land
     Cooperative Enterprise
     Waste Not, Want Not
     Municipal Composting
     Agrarian Housing

Chapter 5: Systemic Response
This chapter describes how individuals and groups are working to influence social, economic, cultural, and financial systems to move forward in clean,
sustainable directions.
     Sustainable Agriculture Systems
     Small-Scale Farms
     Livestock Farming
     Food Security
     Visioning and Shaping Sustainability
     Agrarian Technology

Chapter 6: Educational Responses
This chapter sets out a host of innovative educational models that serve 21st Century agrarianism.
     Farm-to-School Programs
     High School
     Higher Education
     Clean Food on Campus
     Multidisciplinary Approaches

Chapter 7: Digital Responses
This chapter explores the fusion of agrarian activity with the dynamic,
digital-wave culture emerging so dynamically in the world.
     Weaving the Web—Digital Agrarians

Chapter 8: Artistic and Cultural Responses
This chapter showcases creative artistic expressions with the potential to unify people around the fundamentals of land, labor, and food.
     Arts and Culture
     Film and Video

Chapter 9: Echoing the Call
The pathways leading to a sustainable future are clear. This chapter issues a call to become part of a worldwide metamorphosis working toward a clean, natural agrarian network that will heal the land, yield clean food for our families, and support our planet for generations to come.
     Small Farm Resources

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